Best Air Hockey Table For Home and Commercial Use

Best Air Hockey Table

The best air hockey table will feature a smooth playing surface, excellent quality rink walls, a powerful motor and some extra bells and whistles that can make a game more fun and exciting. But there are several things to consider before you choose a model and hit that buy now button. Considering there are so many models to choose from these days, finding the right table can be an overwhelming process.

We’ve taken the time to review several of the highest rated air hockey tables on the market and have chosen five of the best air hockey tables based on features, materials used, buyer feedback, and overall quality.

We’ve also included some informative articles on how to play air hockey, and air hockey parts, so you can become more familiar with this fun sport and the types of features and specs you should look for in a model that’s right for you.

We have also included tables that are designed for home and business use, each of which has their own special features to offer.

Our goal is to help you to narrow down your choices on your quest to find the best air hockey table and one that can take your game to the next level.

Comparison Chart

Hathaway Phantom Air Hockey Game Table
Hathaway Phantom Air Hockey Game Table Review
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Arcade7.5 ft.$$$$$****
Harvil Air Hockey Game Table
Harvil Air Hockey Game Table Review
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kids4 ft.$$****
Golden Standard Home Pro Elite Air Hockey Table

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Valley-Dynamo 8ft Pro Style Air Hockey Table
Valley-Dynamo 8ft Pro Style Air Hockey Table Review
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commercial8 ft.$$$$$$$$$$$****
Atomic Top Shelf Air Hockey Table
Atomic Top Shelf Air Hockey Table Review
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basic7.5 ft.$$$$$$$****

Quick Summary

Hathaway Phantom Air Hockey Game Table:

The perfect choice for your business, the Phantom is an eye-catching, solidly built model that’s designed to withstand heavy use. Equipped with a powerful motor, and a sturdy pedestal leg design, this arcade style air hockey table is perfect for casual and serious players.

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Harvil Air Hockey Game Table:

Designed with kids in mind, the lightweight compact design is a big selling point for parents. The table is well-built, complete with leg levelers and a scoreboard, the sturdy construction ensures that the table can survive rough use from the kids.

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Golden Standard Home Pro Elite Air Hockey Table:

This table is designed for home use, but it’s top quality construction also makes it a great choice for business or arcade use as well. Total pro looking design with high-quality aluminum construction and ultra-slick playing surface, you’ll find it hard to turn down a game on a table that’s designed for the pros by a pro.

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Valley-Dynamo 8ft Pro Style Air Hockey Table:

Tournament quality and pro approved, this air hockey table features powerful blowers, and incredibly smooth playing surface, and a solid construction for the ultimate air hockey match. This table is a great choice for air hockey halls, arcades, bars, or tournament use.

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Atomic Top Shelf Air Hockey Table:

Up for a little air hockey in the dark? This LED packed air hockey table features a fun, futuristic design, ultra-smooth playing surface and a solid construction. It’s a great choice for home use, just keep in mind that it’s bulkier than average design will take up quite a bit of space.

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Golden Standard Home Pro Elite Air Hockey Table Review-Top Rated Air Hockey Table

Golden Standard Home Pro Elite Air Hockey Table ReviewIf you’re searching for a top of the line air hockey table that’s competition quality, then the Home Pro Elite is the model you’ve been looking for. While it’s certainly not the most affordable model on the market, it’s definitely one of the best.

This is a competition quality table, which means it’s designed for hardcore air hockey players. The table was actually designed by Mark Robbins, who happens to be a well-known air hockey champion.

As you would expect, the table’s surface is impressively smooth. So smooth in fact that the puck glides across the table at top speeds. The table also comes equipped with the same type of blower that you’ll commonly find on larger models in arcades.

The electronic scoreboard allows you to have total control over a match. As an example, you’ll be able to set the game to finish when the score reaches a certain number, or you can set the length of a game.

The surface of the table is made out of very thick MDF, which has been laminated for an even smoother playing surface.


  • The table offers an excellent amount of bounce thanks to the high-quality aluminum walls.
  • Players can customize their games by setting the length or the points required to win.
  • The surface of the table is made from extra-thick MDF.


For some, the price is too steep for a home air hockey table.

Additionally, if you’re looking for a flashy air hockey table, you may find this model a little too plain looking. There’s no bright colors or LED lighting like you’ll find on a standard arcade style table.


While it’s not the cheapest on the market, this model by Golden Standard is the best table you’ll ever play on. Because of the steep price, we don’t recommend this table for beginners, however, casual and competitive players will be simply blown away by this table’s stellar performance, thick aluminum rink walls, and overall quality.

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Valley-Dynamo 8ft Pro Style Air Hockey Table Review-Highest Rated Commercial Air Hockey Table

Valley-Dynamo 8ft Pro Style Air Hockey Table ReviewThis eight-foot commercial quality air hockey table by Valley-Dynamo is designed to handle the wear and tear that comes about by wild and fast games and constant use.

The table’s cabinet features high-quality polystyrene legs complete with heavy-duty leg levelers for optimal stability. The table’s aluminum rails have been tournament tested and promote accuracy and excellent deflection. We also discovered that they’re very durable, regardless of how much you lean on the rails.

Aside from durability, you’ll enjoy the stability that comes from the polystyrene legs that are paired with top of the line levelers that will adjust automatically to the surface. So even if the table is placed on an uneven floor, you’ll know that the playing surface will remain perfectly level, for a clean, smooth game. This is especially important if you plan to use the table to host tournaments.

This table is called Pro Style for a reason. The Dyna Blast blowers provide the perfect cushion of air for a playing surface that’s totally free of friction.

The table’s overhead scoreboard also enhances gameplay. You’ll no longer have to manually keep track of your scores, thanks to the side-mounted and highly accurate LED scoreboard.


  • The scoreboard is a handy feature that’s the perfect addition to this tournament quality air hockey table.
  • The muted design gives the table an elegant look that’s all class.
  • This table is perfect for tournaments, general public use, or it can be a great addition to your game room.


The higher cost makes this table a poor choice for the beginner who’s searching for a reasonably priced standard table to learn on.


This is a great table for any serious air hockey fan searching for a professional grade table. It’s also a great investment if you want to attract pro players to your place of business. Considering the steeper price, this isn’t a reasonable buy for the beginner, but for the avid air hockey player, this table offers the perfect setting for a challenging game with the pros.

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Atomic Top Shelf Air Hockey Table Review-Best Home Air Hockey Table

Atomic Top Shelf Air Hockey Table ReviewThis air hockey table by Atomic offers max airflow, thanks to the powerful 120-volt motor. It features an ultra-slick playing surface made out of MDF and PVC laminate, and comes with all the bells and whistles you could want in an air hockey table designed for rec rooms and man caves.

With a length of seven and a half feet and weighing in at over two hundred pounds, this heavier than average air hockey table is built solid and designed to handle a lot of wear and tear.

The table also features thick, sturdy legs designed to support the table’s massive weight and prevents it from moving during an intense game.

The powerful motor creates a powerful, steady airflow that makes the puck effortlessly glide from one side of the table to the other.

The LED Lumen X technology is one of the table’s top feature. Red, blue, and green LEDs run along the edges of the table and are paired with high-tempo music that will really pull you into a game.

These lights change colors when a goal is made, which is a nice touch during an especially competitive match.

The included LED puck allows you to play a more challenging game of air hockey in the dark.

However, if you prefer a more traditional game, you can swap out the LED puck and use one of the two standard pucks that also come in this set.


  • Turning off the lights and playing air hockey in the dark allows you to fully enjoy the LED lights and makes any game more challenging considering you have to rely more on your reflexes than your sight.
  • This table is a great choice for any air hockey player who is looking for a table that really stands out.


This is a pretty bulky table that will take up quite a bit of space.


A vivid LED light setup that allows you to try your hand at a challenging game of air hockey in the dark, you’ll love the table’s unique design and features, not to mention its solid construction and ultra-smooth playing surface.

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Harvil Air Hockey Game Table Review-Best Air Hockey Table for Kids

Harvil Air Hockey Game Table ReviewThe Harvil air hockey table is designed for kids and comes equipped with wider goals so retrieving the puck is safe and easy. The electronic scoreboard has a reinforced design, and the motor offers a higher fan speed for fast gameplay.

Offering a space-saving design, this table is only four feet in length, making it a perfect fit for apartment dwellers or any home that’s short on space.

The legs are L-shaped and come equipped with levelers, which allows the table to remain level and securely in place on uneven surfaces.

The table itself weighs in at just twenty-eight pounds and is easy to move.


  • The table comes with a ninety-day warranty and money back guarantee.
  • The solid, sturdy design makes this table tough enough to handle heavy use, so it’s a great choice for kids.
  • The wider goals make it easy for kids to grab their puck with no fear of their hands or fingers getting caught.
  • The compact design allows you to easily fit this smaller air hockey table in a playroom, bedroom, or small corner space.
  • Since the table is so lightweight, it can easily be moved and stored when not in use.
  • Assembly is simple and should take no longer than twenty minutes.
  • Reasonably priced
  • The table comes with two paddles and small pucks, so your kids can get started playing right away.


There were some reports from buyers that the scoreboard doesn’t accurately keep score. Fortunately, you can contact customer service for repairs or even table replacement if the table is still covered under the ninety-day warranty.

Additionally, some parents felt that the pucks and included paddles were too small, so you may want to upgrade


This air hockey table by Harvil is perfect for kids six years of age and older. It’s well built and definitely designed with durability in mind. We loved the compact, lightweight design that allows you to store the table when not in use or place it in a small space in the home. The scoreboard allows your child to keep track of the game, is battery operated and gives the table a pro feel.

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Hathaway Phantom Air Hockey Game Table Review-Best Arcade Style Air Hockey Table

Hathaway Phantom Air Hockey Game Table Review

The Phantom by Hathaway measures in at seven and a half feet, which makes this arcade style air hockey table a total beast.

It’s designed to withstand heavy use, which makes it a great choice for your business. The table’s pedestal style arched legs work to improve stability and they come equipped with levelers that help the table to remain stable even when it’s placed on an uneven surface.

The tough 110 volt/60 MZ blower is built to last.

The table features a poly sealed, high-gloss playing surface that’s free of friction and allows the puck to glide back and forth easily. The surface is also scratch resistant, so you won’t have to worry about a damaged finish.


  • The automatic scoring features makes it easy to keep track of goals.
  • The table comes equipped with two powerful blowers.
  • The manufacturer offers a one-hundred-and-eighty-day money back guarantee.
  • The pedestal style legs on the table keep it firmly grounded. You won’t have to worry about the table sliding or rocking during an intense game.
  • The table’s vivid blue body and chrome accents make it really stand out.


While not a common complaint, there were some reports that the table had a ripple on the surface of the playing field, meaning it’s not completely smooth.

There were other complaints regarding the scoreboard, which stopped working on one side of the table.

If you run into these issues we recommend contacting customer service for repairs or a total table replacement.

This is definitely not a space saving table. While it’s perfect for business use, if you’re short on space in the home, this table is not a good option.


The Phantom is solidly built, sleek, sturdy, and just plain fun to play on. While there have been some reports of malfunctioning parts, the manufacturer has contributed these issues to a production defect. This means you can trade the table in for a replacement model at no extra charge. The perfect choice if you’re searching for a top of the line air hockey table for your business or home, this Hathaway air hockey table is a steal for the price.

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Air Hockey Table Buying Guide

Air Hockey Table Buying Guide

Air hockey tables are often found in family game rooms, clubs, arcades, and bars. Air hockey is a fun game that’s very fast-paced and exciting and it can be enjoyed by people of all ages. There are a few main types of hockey tables to choose from including basic tables designed for home recreational use, traditional arcade-style tables, and portable tabletop models. Before you buy an air hockey table there are some specs and features you should consider, in order to ensure you buy the best hockey table for you and your family, or your place of business.

Arcade Style: These are usually the most expensive option. They’re solidly built, feature powerful blower motors, are often regulation size, and have plenty of extras including sound effects, electric scoreboards, and music. Because they’re solidly built they can easily withstand heavy daily use.

Impressively tough, they feature strong rink walls with ultimate deflection and a smooth puck glide for the smoothest playing surface.

These tables are a great choice for arcade use, restaurants, and any place it can be used by the general public, however, for diehard air hockey fans, these tables are also a great choice for home game rooms.

Basic Air Hockey Tables: These tables are more affordable than arcade tables, and don’t come with as many bells and whistles. In terms of quality, it can vary greatly based on price.

Tabletop Models:  A good option for homes that are tight on space, these tables can be easily stored away when not in use. This style is much smaller than a basic air hockey table and they’re a good choice for children.

Multi-Game Tables: This style of table allows buyers to play a variety of games such as air hockey, foosball, shuffleboard, bowling, and table tennis.

Table Size

When you’re shopping for an air hockey table, space can be a big issue. Make sure you factor in the amount of additional space that’s needed at each end of the table to allow players enough room to move around freely. Most pros recommend three feet of space at each end. Full-sized models are typically ninety inches in length and fifty inches wide. To accommodate a table of this size, the space should be at least ten feet long and seven feet wide. Also, keep in mind, the bigger the table, the higher the price tag.


A good quality table should have sturdy legs that can handle the weight of the tabletop and a thick wood construction. The joints should be secured with the help of solid screws. Models that feature levelers on the base of the legs can allow you to easily level the table if it’s placed on an uneven surface.


The quality of the rink walls is another crucial factor you should consider before you buy. The walls should be made of solid aluminum or strong nylon. Both types offer great rebound of the puck and deflection. They’re also less likely to scratch or dent and are considered the most durable options. Cheaper tables will often have rink walls made out of laminate aluminum, but over time this type of material tends to dent, offers inaccurate puck deflection and little rebound.


Air Hockey Accessories

To supply the air that’s pumped out over the surface of the table, an air hockey table comes equipped with a motor. High output motors ensure even airflow across the surface of the table. It should also be quiet-running, provide constant play for longer periods of time, and shouldn’t overheat. A plenum chamber motor is the most popular option top manufacturers use. This style of motor works by evenly forcing air across the surface of the table.

Smaller tables often come with low powered motors with poor airflow.

Shopping for an Air Hockey Table Based on Skill Level

When you’re shopping for a new hockey table, whether it’s for you or your children, you should choose a table based on skill level.

If you’re buying a table for a child, we don’t recommend spending more than one to two hundred dollars. Often, parents go with a basic table or a tabletop model. While both styles aren’t quite as durable as an arcade style air hockey table, both are great choices for the beginner.

Basic or arcade style air hockey tables are a good choice for intermediate players. Basic tables are moderately priced and come with a few bells and whistles, while the arcade style table would also work because they’re more durable and can handle rough use.

The advanced player will definitely appreciate an arcade style air hockey table. These tables are full-size and pro quality, plus they’re highly durable and come loaded with all of the bells and whistles that a pro will appreciate, such as electronic scoring.

Final Thoughts

Air hockey tables can be a great addition to your family game room, your man cave, or your business. Price will definitely play a factor in terms of the quality of the table and the size, but if you’re a serious player or the table will be used by the general public, then your main priority will be a table that’s durable.

Tables for home use don’t have to be top quality, but arcade style tables can be a great addition to any rec room. Of course, they’re much larger than basic models.

If space is a serious issue, we recommend a basic or tabletop model.

If you want to get the most out of your purchase, we recommend a multi-game table. These tables are more expensive than basic air hockey tables, but their versatility provides a wide range of games that you and your family can enjoy.

We hope our reviews of the top five best air hockey tables on the market and our buying guide have helped you to choose the right model for your home or business. Remember, while the price will be one of the main determining factors as far as which table you decide to buy, it shouldn’t be the determining one. Instead, focus on durability, motor quality, materials used for the rink walls, and versatility.